Lot Whisperers

Lot Whisperers

They’re “Lot Whisperers.” In the quiet hours, they let the Texas home lot speak to them—tell them how to position the house, as well as where the windows, doors, patio, deck, and driveway should be. Those first design choices affect everything that follows—especially, how the home fits the homeowner’s lifestyle. Is there a water feature? Is there a rooftop deck where evening parties will be held? Does the family have a favorite view? Will there be an athletic court or a swimming pool to consider? All are factors in positioning your home on the lot you have purchased. Trees, creeks, hills, and neighbors—all are factors that speak to home design.

Landon Smith and Coregon Building Company are the team who will listen to you and to your lot. Give your new home the best opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Let the team with years of experience guide you in creating a home that is custom designed—just for you!

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Coregon Building Company or call (512) 688-5180

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    I like this site – its so usefull and helpfull.

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