At Coregon we believe that our clients are an integral part of the building process. We actively listen to you, our client, to learn what your dreams are. We then work with you to turn your ideas into reality. Through regular meetings with your Building Manager, you will know what is happening with your home every step of the way. We work with you to ensure you have the home you dream of at a price you can afford.

Matt Hudson

A consummate professional and team leader, Matt brings over a decade of exceptional business experience to Coregon. For over ten years, Matt has been the CEO and owner of one of the highest producing (per agent) real estate brokerages in the country. The hallmark of Matt’s success is his ability to build lasting partnerships founded on integrity and respect. Coregon Building Company provides Matt with the perfect opportunity to build upon his successes while returning to his roots in the home construction industry.

Landon Smith

A Georgetown native, Landon brings over a decade of diversified real estate knowledge to Coregon. Along with Matt, Landon provides the corporate foundation of Coregon, while his creative vision is expressed throughout Coregon’s design and marketing philosophy. Landon combines his extensive knowledge of real estate with his understanding of the local community, to come up with innovative solutions to the area’s construction needs. His ability to successfully navigate the multiple facets of the construction industry allows Coregon to bring innovative design to the Central Texas area, while keeping true to the spirit of the region.

Jim Kirpach

With over 30 years experience creating custom and affordable homes for his clients, Jim’s ability to actively listen to his clients’ needs and translate them into the perfect home are the benchmark of everything we do. A talented and innovative designer, Jim invites his clients to be active participants in the creation of their dreams. Whether your new home vision is just a sketch on a napkin, or a fully developed dream, Jim knows how to help every step of the way. With his encyclopedic knowledge of construction and his rigorous attention to detail, Jim’s homes and reputation set the standard for every home Coregon creates.

Grayson Smith

Building upon his hometown knowledge of Georgetown, Grayson brings a wealth of experience to Coregon’s acquisition and development within the local area. With over 10 years of real estate, renovation, and acquisition experience, Grayson has comprehensive insight into the direction Central Texas is headed. Grayson works tirelessly with not only city and county officials, but with members of the community, to find opportunities that will not only add to the architectural legacy of Williamson and surrounding counties, but also celebrate the heritage and traditions that draw increasing numbers of new residents to the area.

Tara Diercks

Having moved to the Georgetown area in 2016, Tara brings a new perspective for those looking to relocate to the area, as well as a wealth of relocating tips and tricks. Possessing a background in art/design, research, and a high degree of organizational skills, Tara keeps the office and overall operations running smoothly. She also helps to craft exceptional client experiences, while maintaining online and in person marketing and community relationships.

Our Team