Custom Homes

Buildertrend provides residential construction companies a user-friendly, web-based software option to help them build more projects, complete projects faster, reduce costly communication errors, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Patch Communication Cracks

Good communication is the foundation of a great home building project. By using home builder software, real-time communication can happen between the job site and the office to ensure everyone is on the same page:

  1. All communication is documented, logged, and organized in one place—minimizing the risk of something falling through the cracks.
  2. Support for media attachments to make sure everything is as clear as can be
  3. Assign sub-contractor to-do lists that seamlessly integrate with communication features

Scheduling Loopholes

The home builder app, Buildertrend, allows for the seamless creation of home construction timelines. You can easily adjust deadlines and allow for instant notification of the subcontractors involved. With different view options such as a Gantt Chart view or a calendar view, you can easily see dependencies and what needs to be accomplished before something else can be done.

Track Estimated Costs

With Buildertrend’s pre-loaded reports, it’s easy to get bids from sub-contractors, keep track of estimated costs, and record actual costs. The earlier you can recognize the signs of going over the budget, the easier it is to prevent it from actually happening.